What Users Are Saying About CoreStones

See what our users, and their clients, say about CoreStones.

My first exposure to CoreStones was during a treatment session for myself from a fellow therapist in which the benefits from their usage were significant and instantaneous; I felt immediate relief of the accumulated tensions and aches that I had been experiencing. Since then, as a massage therapist myself I have utilized CoreStones in all of my sessions. Along with relaxation and therapeutic application, CoreStones are exceptional in clinical massage; I have used my CoreStones for a myriad of conditions such as strains, trigger points, and scar tissue removal. The variety in sizes and end shapes allow for endless possibilities for custom treatments for any clients specific needs. Whether they are integrated or are the main component of a session, CoreStones elevate the effectiveness of massage therapy and results for the client.
— Dave B.
My clients love them and ask for them. I love incorporating them into deep therapeutic work that would otherwise be difficult for my clients and for me. They make everyone’s massage experience better!
— Cat Stolz, LMT | Sans Stress | Somerville MA
My longtime clients especially have commented on the addition of CoreStones to my work. In a nutshell: “Supreme relaxation.” They allow me to give more effective depth into the tissue, and the over-riding result is “Ahhhh”.
— Susan Clifford, LMT | Gorham ME
I can dig in better and use more pressure. And CoreStones fit better with my hands (I have small hands!)
— Karyl Taylor, LMT | Billerica MA
I absolutely whip them out all the time, especially for clients who are big and tall. I love the hamstring work the best of all.
— Faith Sweetser Barry, LMT | Padanaram Massage | Dartmouth MA
I use them both heated and cold, creating a flush in the tissues. They are pure magic. I don’t know if I should say this, but one client told me: “Oh my God, that ought to be illegal!” (The use of CoreStones always takes her to far-away places…) One of my favorite things about them is that if I am not doing a full body session, I can just heat up a few as they fit so beautifully in my hot towel cabinet. Cleanup is much easier now. Overall the best features is that when the CoreStones are heated dry, applying that warm stone to the body allows you to penetrate into the muscle more quickly.
— Dee Joyce, LMT | Peace of Mind Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork | Dover NH
They are saving my hands and fingers. I do a lot of deep tissue work. I find they’re easy to warm up. I use a microwave hot-pack to warm my clients—and I just set my CoreStones on top of it. It’s just right!
— Carol Sullivan, LMT | Granby CT
I use them inter-changeably with my hands. I keep them in a towel warmer, and when I bring them out, the CoreStones stay warm a long time. I am actually using them in a session tomorrow AM!
— Tara Frankum, LMT | Tara’s Therapeutic Touch | Newington CT
CoreStones are a hyped up version of hot stones that tripped on the tip of a steroid syringe. They are new to the massage industry and are some of the best tools I have ever worked with. I first discovered these stones while at I was at a regional massage conference. I got a 20 minute mini session and HAD to have them. I advocate the best healing therapies for all my clients and thought these stones would be a perfect fit for the type of work I do.
— Kristen Tammaro | Relaxation Works Massage and Wellness Co.
Before I discovered CoreStones I did not enjoy doing Stone Massage. The stones were awkward to hold, my wrists were stressed and they were not versatile enough for me. I was introduced to CoreStones at the AMTA-Ohio Convention and they have changed my practice. I LOVE using CoreStones because they are so comfortable to hold – they are like an extension of my hand and they open the muscle tissue without causing pain(to me or my clients). Furthermore, my clients love the way they feel on their skin.
— Marsha S.
I have had many great massages over the years. CoreStones make my massage experience even better. The stones provide deep muscle release while being smooth, warm, and relaxing on my skin. CoreStones have been particularly effective on my neck and on the backs of my legs. Thank you!
— Bridget R.
I have MS and find that CoreStones give deep relief to my muscles. The combination of heat and pressure penetrates and relaxes my contracted and sore muscles. They have provided incredible relief for me. I cannot praise them enough!
— Kathe N.
I’m receiving emphatically positive responses to CoreStone therapy from my reflexology clients! The training helped my confidence and skill. My clients feel they’re getting extra special attention and my hands feel wonderful too!
— Talia M.
I bought these stones at our state convention in Ohio this year, and I absolutely love them! I try to keep them warm all day and use them on every client. Even a little bit helps, and every client has great things to say about them!
— Jamie B.