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A Therapeutic Approach to Stone Massage - Upper Body

  • AMTA NC State Convention 300 South Center Street Statesville, NC, 28677 United States (map)


Course Description:
In this comprehensive training you will learn how to heat or cool stones to the proper temperature to achieve our desired therapeutic outcome – deep muscle release without causing tissue trauma and learn how to clean your stones for client safety. 
The contraindications of hot stone massage will be reviewed and we will discuss ways to alter your sessions to accommodate certain conditions.
We will review anatomy and trigger points of muscles most commonly involved in  shoulder pain, neck pain, and headaches. You will learn  how to use the stones broadly, for myofascial release and specifically, for trigger point release. You will learn techniques to work on the back, arms, neck, head, and face.
Proper body mechanics when using stones will be emphasized so you can confidently offer this modality without compromising your hands and wrists.                                  

Participants will work on each other and there will be plenty of time for individualized attention.                 
When used as a tool, stone massage can save your hands and extend your career – you will be working with more ease and less strain. 

Participants should bring a massage table,  linens, and oil/lotion. Stones will be provided for use in class and available for purchase in the exhibit hall.        



At the end of our workshops, students will be able to:

  • Determine when it is safe to use hot stones and customize their session to the clients’ individual needs/health concerns.
  • Demonstrate how to properly hold a stone without compromising their wrists or hands.
  • Demonstrate proper body mechanics during the massage.
  • Safely incorporate hot stone techniques into a client’s session.
  • Demonstrate how to hold a stone to treat myofascial tissue and trigger points.
  • Identify and treat common trigger points.


Dale Montelione Grust, LMT  

Dale Montelione Grust is a NY Licensed Massage Therapist with more than 30 years’ experience in the healing arts. She is the founder and director of the Center for Therapeutic Massage in New Paltz, NY and founder of CoreStones, LLC.

Over the years her pursuit of education has led to diversified expertise in many modalities. Some of her studies include - Orthopedic Massage, advanced myofascial training, and CranioSacral Therapy.

In her practice Dale specializes in medical massage and pain relief. She strives to find the imbalance in the body that is the cause of pain.

She has taken the knowledge she has gained through her years of study and used that to create a modality using stones – hot or cold – to achieve therapeutic results.

Dale teaches stone massage with an emphasis on the therapeutic value of using the stones as a tool for myofascial and trigger point release without compromising your wrists and hands. The focus of her work is to help therapists deliver deep release for their clients while minimizing the effort exerted to achieve this therapeutic result.