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Therapeutic Anti-Aging Face and Neck Massage

  • Lake Morey Resort Fairlee, VT USA (map)

This comprehensive training combines the best of both worlds – anti-aging facial massage plus therapeutic massage of the neck and face. Gentle yet precise strokes using stones, both warm and cold, will relax muscles, tone and tighten the face, and stimulate collagen and elastin production. Relieving tension in the face, jaw and neck will visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Our technique combines acupressure to stimulate the nerves in the face with a series of vertical and horizontal moves to relax facial muscles and connective tissue, increase blood flow and stimulate lymph drainage.

We will work specifically with the muscles of the jaw, face, and neck to address tension in the jaw, headaches, and tension held in the neck.

The use of organic pomegranate oil will encourage cell rejuvenation and moisturize and tone the epidermis with its unique omega-5 fatty acid, polyphenols and inherent delivery system.

Students will learn how to heat or cool stones to the proper temperature to achieve our desired therapeutic outcome: deep muscle relief without causing tissue trauma. And they will learn how to clean their stones for client safety.

The contraindications of hot stone massage will be reviewed and we will discuss ways to alter sessions to accommodate certain conditions.