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CoreStones - Back, Neck, Back of the Legs, and Feet

  • AMTA CT Convention DoubleTree by Hilton Bristol, CT United States (map)

CoreStone Massage Therapy® blends the ancient art of stone massage with a uniquely designed stone tool that facilitates deep muscle release without causing trauma to muscle tissue and minimizes the effort you must exert to achieve a therapeutic result. You will learn to use the stones as an extension of your hands.

As with any tool, how you hold it makes a difference so this workshop will focus on proper body mechanics. You will learn how to use stones without compromising your wrists and hands.

In this workshop, we will explore the muscles of the back, legs, feet, and neck.

We will cover treatments for back pain, shoulder pain, and plantar fasciitis.  As well as treatment of the anterior, lateral, and posterior neck and learn precautions for treating in this area. We will demonstrate how to use the stones broadly for myofascial release and specifically for trigger point release or muscle stripping.

The contraindications/considerations of hot stone massage will be reviewed and we will discuss ways to alter sessions to accommodate certain conditions. You will learn how to heat or cool stones to the proper temperature to achieve our desired therapeutic outcome: deep muscle relief without causing tissue trauma and learn how to sanitize your stones for client safety.

Stone massage can save your hands and extend your career – you will be working with more ease and less strain.                                                             

Participants should bring a massage table, linens, and oil/lotion. Stones will be provided for use in class.


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