Use & Care of CoreStones

Using stones hot

  • Heat in a water bath, a multiple temperature towel cabinet or a portable stone heater.

  • Hot stones are effective for increasing circulation and relieving muscle tension

The application of heat creates vasodilation which allows the muscle to begin to soften and relax – this makes it easier on you and your client when you start to do deeper work.

Heat and slow sustained pressure are effective in releasing fascia. The warm broad surface of a CoreStone can assist you in releasing myofascial restrictions and this enables the body to have a deep therapeutic release of muscle tissue with minimal effort on the part of the therapist and minimal ‘guarding’ from the client.

Keep your stones moving at first to dissipate the heat. Once they have cooled a little you can slow down to do more specific work.

Heating to the perfect temperature

  • NEVER place & leave a hot stone directly on the skin
  • If you can't hold the stone, it’s too hot to use
  • The temperature should be between 110°-120° Fahrenheit
  • Everyone has a different tolerance for heat

Remember to always listen to your client!

Using stones cold

  • Chill your stones in an ice bucket or freezer.

  • Cold stones are effective for reducing inflammation and treating acute injuries.

  • Used to tonify and stimulate.

  • The temperature should be between 25°-64° Fahrenheit (or room temperature).

When using cold stones it is important to warn your client that you will be applying a cold stone. Unlike using heat, you should hold the cold stone in one place for a few seconds to allow the body to accept the sensation of cold.

Our bodies have internal sensors that scream ‘oh, that’s hot’ – or ‘that’s cold’ and it can take a few seconds for the brain to register ‘that’s not so bad’.

Because blood tends to move away from cold, cold stones can be used to treat headaches and sinus congestion.

Use cold stones for immediate relief after an athletic event.

A woman experiencing a hot flash will greatly appreciate the use of cold stones.

Contrasting temperatures

  • Reduces congestion and inflammation in an isolated area.
  • Results in less pain and stiffness for your clients.
  • End with cold to encourage the body to internally heat itself and give long lasting relief

Cleaning your CoreStones

  • Soap and water
  • Method All-Purpose Cleaner
  • PureGreen24 Disinfectant
  • Run through your dishwasher

Taking your stones to a sink can be messy and may result in chipping your stones.

We prefer using a spray cleaner. After a session, place your stones on a towel, spray them down, wipe them off and put them back into a stone warmer. This is clean, easy and efficient.

If you want a deep cleaning, you can run your CoreStones through a dishwasher. Just be sure there’s space between the stones so they don't collide with each other and chip.